4Pinball 1.6

Realistic pinball simulation


  • Realistic graphics
  • Fun sound effects
  • Simple control system


  • No music
  • Lack of exciting features

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a pinball wizard then perhaps you should install 4Pinball on your Pocket PC.

4Pinball is a graphically-rich PDA pinball sim. The game, which is played in horizontal view on your display, features huge scrolling tables of at least three screens in height (only one table is playable in this demo version). There are plenty of visual effects that appear when you smash into targets, bump buffers, or launch balls. 4Pinball also features some nice sound effects and in-game speech although, disappointingly, there's no music in the game.

Controlling the action in 4Pinball is done using the left and right directional buttons to move the flippers, and by using the softkeys to tilt the table. These controls can be customized in the Setup menu.

There are all the usual loops, targets, bumpers and spinners on the table, as well as ball options such as extra ball, multi-ball, jackpot and bumper attack. However, I still found the games to be a little boring and this is probably because there aren't really any 'features' in 4Pinball like you'd find on a decent real-life game. Playing the space table over and over again gets a bit repetitive and it's in need of some bonus modes to keep your attention.

4Pinball is a polished pinball sim, with realistic physics and nice sound effects. If only it were a bit more interesting.



4Pinball 1.6

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